Otis E Brasfield Jr

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Otis E Brasfield Jr
Residing In Odessa, TX USA
Spouse/Partner Judy, deceased
Children Kelly, Gena, grandchildren: Keshia, Dawson, Shelby, Raven , great-grandchildren: Heartly, Emma. son-in-laws: More…Chris Maldonado, Tony Chau, Grandson -in-law: Scott McKey.
Otis E Brasfield Jr


Yes! Attending Reunion

I lost my Judy in August 2016. Life without her, life ihas been very empty. I waited to get married when I was 48 I no longer work at a place that is controlled by greed. Which made working conditions very bad, demoralizing. But I have had a very interesting life. I RETIRED Sept. 2018. I fell at work, which led to a torn rotor cuff to py left shoulder. My injury led to extremly intense pain that I have and will have to the day I die. The Doctors will not operate on me do to my health and they are afraid that I will not survive an eight hour operation. I also have developed extreme Osteoarthritis and Rheumitod Arthritis. Which has led to more extreme pain. So a lot of days I spend in bed, arrgh. I pray that no one ever gets this, pain is so demoralizing. On the bright side, I have a hobby, that has led me to have a very interesting career. I have held an Amateur Radio license since 1956 as of to date 54 years. Thru this hobby I have communicated with nearly every country on the planet. I seen countrues change names, governments, and even have revolutions. I have met some very interesting people in 54 years. I even taught schiool for about 18 months in the ECISD system during the late 80s . I clashed with changing polices in teaching during the mid 80s. That led me back into the Electronics Supply business. I spent a total of 35 years in Supply Management. Over the years from 1956 and after graduation 1n 1964, I sold Spudnuts, Greeting cards, Petty's Grorcery store, worked for Scott Theater, KOYL RADIO 1310 Country Western as Relief DJ and kept the record libary up to date and organized, and for my Dad as a relief Pumper/Gager, also as helper on a Blasting Truck just mention a few things. After Graduation, I worked for Kimbells Wholesale Grocery supply, RCA Industrial as an overseas contractor, for CIC Finance As Collection's Manager, Janitor, KECK RADIO as a DJ, KOSA TV as a video tech, worked with John Bungard, selling 8 track tapes traveling all over West Texas and the Border area as traveling sales. I WORK FOR JH ROSE TRUCKING as a truck driver then as road safety engineer. Also worked part time for EL FARMER TRUCKING as a personel and theif investigator. Spent 15 years in the well logging business as tech, draftmans, radiation safety office, was in the restaurant business as partner in CASA DE SOPHIA I did everything cook to dishwasher. From 1970 t0 2018 I was working MIDLAND SPECIALTY, ZIMCO ELECTRIC, WTU for 2 YEARS, Well Logging R & R ELECTRONIC SUPPLY as store Manager, ESI ELECTRONIC SUPPLY as inside Industrial sales and Techmical Account Rep. I retired in 2018 more ready to retire. I was blessed with an inquiring mind. I have kept up the advancing technoligy in Electronics and Computers.

School Story

Professional student, I managed to attend 5 colleges, but I managed a few degrees but never got a Masters. I ended up ai WEST TEXAS STATE U, now WTA&M UNIV, got a degree in Industrial Management. But spent my life in the Electrical and Electrinics Industry. Full time explorer, seeker of knowledge and truth.

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Sep 11, 2017 at 6:13 AM

Posted on: Oct 22, 2016 at 10:03 AM

i lost my wife, my best friend of 22 years on August 21,2016. Judy was my rock words can't express my grief. May God bless you all.

Jul 22, 2014 at 4:56 PM

Posted on: Jul 10, 2014 at 5:31 AM

Still working, after all these years. Argh